Interview with Max Zorin!

Ok, so we’ve been slacking a bit on the updates recently. Getting towards the end of the season we’re all pretty busy with recruiting and planning for next year, and I’ve been testing things like a madman as well. To break up the monotony a little bit I sent off some interview questions to GLB’s very own Max Zorin, and he had some very interesting answers for us 🙂

GLBZ: How did you first find out about GLB?

Max Zorin: Well, I’ve known Bort for a long time, and during that whole time I’ve known he’s always been into making games; both tabletop and computer based. So when I heard he was working on a new game with DD, I was pretty curious to see what the skinny was. Then I found out it was a quasi fantasy football MMORPG, and I will admit my first reaction was somewhat along the lines of ”wtf?’. But as I learned more about it, I began to see just how great of an idea it really was, and that there were already a number of people chomping at the bit to play it.

While I wasn’t employed with GLB when the site went live, I was around to see it happen. It was pretty exciting, and still is, to see so many people playing and enjoying the game. I am very much looking forward to seeing the game develop and grow further. And getting to be a part of all of that is very, very cool.

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Fancy Sauce – F*ck My Life

Generally speaking, my modus operandi is to laugh hysterically and poke fun at other people’s misfortunes. That, and physical violence is always hilarious. I mean, who doesn’t consider this video to be an all time classic?

That is comedy gold right there. The other type of misfortune that usually tickles my goat is ironic happenstance or the surprising unexpected. Recently, and I’m probably well behind the curve here like I was when people were first receiving handskies, I’ve come across the community blog called F my Life. If you’ve never been, it’s a blog where people write in anonymously to share terrible misfortunes that have occurred in their life. It covers the entire gambit of laughing at people, from people failing at love and sex to others being knocked down a couple of pegs through family or work. Really, it’s a Pandora’s Box of epic fails, and my god, I love laughing at every single person.

Here are a couple of my favorites to get you started:

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Benitos lose to Wolfpack 79-37

The Santiago Benitos today suffered the worst loss in the history of their team, falling to the Washington Wolfpack 79-37 in the Sweet 16 round of Hazy’s tournament. Only the 11th all-time loss for the Benitos, their previous worst losses were a 28-10 loss to Halifax earlier this season and a 37-46 loss to Dryden last season.

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Fancy Sauce – Spring Break

I guess it is technically spring break for a large number of school-attending youth in America this week. Spring Break used to once be something awesome; time away from school, warmer weather on the horizon, bikinis, sun, booze, sandy beaches and gratuitous T&A being shown 24/7 on MTV. Now, that was a fap show if I’ve ever seen one! Alas, times change and people grow older. Spring break now is not so much a break, but an arbitrary time frame in which I am mildly aware that others are out and about doing things that I used to do. Don’t get me wrong, this year this spring break time frame fell during Saint Patrick’s Day and the beginning of March Madness, so those events offered an unusual respite from my normal mundane 9-5. But it pales in comparison to what used to be the true goal of Spring Break; seeing strange boobs while being wasted. So, in an effort to achieve that goal this week, I am bringing back a location once espoused upon in these pages; the infamous 22nd Street Station in Minneapolis .
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I Hate Your Team


Hey, guess what? I hate your team. I think your team absolutely sucks. I think your silly little helmet logo looks like a retarded fourth graders refrigerator prize and that it should be pissed on and spat upon for no other reason than that it’s yours. I hate your gloating and the peacock-ing that you do in the league forums. I think your agent avatar is dumber than the dreams you’re holding onto from your 15 minutes of fame in high school. Your team name does absolutely nothing for me, and it sounds like you flipped through a Star Trek comic book that you found in a hobo’s belongings and randomly picked out some words to create it. Everything about you and your team is worse than a plush kitten abortion. But you know what? I still know absolutely nothing about the real you, or any real things that go on with your team. And despite all this, our mutual hate for each other is still ok.

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GLB: The Zone Update

Just wanted to post a few updates here to let everyone know where we’re at right now with the blog.

For starters I want to welcome a new writer on board, blankspace has joined the blog. Blankspace is well known especially among defensive coordinators for his defensive guides (now in the links section on the right). We’re looking forward to his input and topics.

Especially now with another writer on board we’re really going to try to have something new for you every day, so check back often for new updates, and don’t forget to comment! I edited our comments settings where you don’t have to have a WordPress account to comment, all you have to do is fill in a name and an e-mail and you can comment to your hearts content. Besides, we love feedback.

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New Pro Rankings Released

The new GLB’s Top Pro Team Rankings were released today, and seeing as they gave us a shout-out, I thought it only fair to do a little writeup about them. For starters, this is a very well run and well organized group of guys. I was originally on this panel when Sam Bolster started it and it was a little chaotic, but GMathiasf, turnit643, bhall43, and all of the other guys over there have really turned it around and made a great thing out of it. Plus, I think everyone agrees that their Pro World Tournament is likely one of the best run tournaments in the league.

With all that said, onto the rankings.

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